Atlanta’s tour de tater tot

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Tots, tots, tots, we LOVE tots! These little nuggets of joy take us back to the days of the schoolhouse cafeteria. Grown ups can have these treats now too, right? And no, we’re not talking about giant brown bags emptied into fryers. These tots are the real deal. These restaurants are stepping up their tater game in ways that make us – and our bellies – very happy indeed.



Fox Bros BBQ

It’s safe to say that Fox Bros. BBQ has completely taken over the city when it comes to ‘cue. The brothers from Texas are pushing out traditional favorites and dishes that show their willingness to just have fun. One of these dishes is the Tomminator. Created when the guys were cooking up fare at Smith’s Olde Bar, the masterpiece is made of tater tots layered with brunswick stew and cheese. It’s like a Texas style poutine by way of Atlanta!

The Highlander

You simply cannot have a discussion about tater tots in this city without mentioning The Highlander. This bar has single handedly raised the bar for pub grub in this city. If you want a low key night out with your friends, this is the spot. Sidle up to the bar and order a Miller High Life, a shot of Jager and a pitcher of tots. The order will single handedly destroy even the trace of a hangover.


The Nook

Ok, sure, you can go to Piedmont Park to run and workout…or you can go to Piemont Park and train your taste buds for glory. Enter, The Nook’s Redneck Totchos. Yes, that’s totchos with a ‘t’. Created by loading up their tots with The Nook’s secret cheese sauce, house smoked pulled pork, Coca Cola BBQ sauce and fresh sliced jalapenos! Y’all…

Republic Social House

Imagine you, your best friends, a rooftop patio, a giant Jenga game…and a whole mess of tots! One of our favorite summertime activities in this fair city is rooftop hopping, and Memorial Drive has its fair share. For Sunday brunch it doesn’t get much better than Republic Social House. Their tots are the classic deep fried, dunk ’em in ketchup variety. And the view of Oakland Cemetery across the street will just remind you to live – and eat – each day with joy.


Bone Lick BBQ 

The West Side BBQ joint from Mike LeSage loves to have fun. With old school arcade games inside and a dish like Big ‘Ol Totties on the menu, you can’t help but feeling that. And those Big ‘Ol Totties are like the kitchen sink of tater tots. These bad boys are piled with tots, sausage, pulled pork, chipotle BBQ sauce, brunswick stew, home made cheese sauce and jalapenos.

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