Where do the Atlanta Hawks eat after a victory?

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With the Hawks historic run to the playoffs, they have united Atlanta behind them. We’ve all been cheering them on from the bars and behind the bench. While everyone else in the country wants to know about on-the-court dynamics, we, at Atlanta Eats asked about the only thing we care about…food! So, what do the Hawks eat and where do they go for a guy’s night out? Where do they go in victory or when they head to their hometown? We asked a few of the guys ourselves and here’s what they had to say.

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner. What would be your dream day of dining in Atlanta? 

Kent Bazemore: Breakfast is at Egg Harbor. They have a  Savannah oatmeal with peaches. Lunch is Bantam and Biddy for some chicken and waffles and dinner is at Umi, which he eats until he can no longer move.

Mike Muscala: Starting the day off at Einsteins in Midtown; for lunch he’s making a journey to Buford Highway for some pho at Pho Dai Loi.  Dinner: Cinco for Mexican.

Elton Brand:  This Bloody Mary guy is kicking things off with brunch at the Four Seasons. Then, it’s time for a stroll on the Beltline and lunch at Parish for their Cobb salad. For dinner, you can find him at STK for both the food and atmosphere.

Who’s serving up the best  steak in town?

Bazemore: Hal’s

Muscala: I’m the wrong guy to ask!

Brand: Davio’s

You can have dinner with any 3 people – living or dead – who are they?

Bazemore: Will Smith, Kevin Spacey and Kobe Bryant.

Muscala: Salvador Dali, Obama, and Drake, so I can give him my mix tape!

Brand: Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.

When you head back to your hometown, where are you heading to first for a great meal?

Bazemore: I’m from Lewiston, NC. When I head home, I’m going straight to my family’s restaurant, Bazemore Country Kitchen.

Muscala:   When I go back to Minnesota, it’s all about Snuffy’s. Burgers and malt shakes in St. Paul.

Brand: I’m from Westchester New York. When my mom was alive, my first stop was going to mom’s house for BBQ turkey wings that she called  turkey hawks. And, of course, some of her mac ‘n cheese.

When you want to unwind, what’s your go – to cocktail?

Bazemore: My drink of choice is Maker’s Mark with water and lemon and I’m going to Dantanna’s.

Brand:  Also going to Dantanna’s! And I don’t really drink liquor…anymore. Right now, I love getting a really good cabernet.

Favorite post-victory meal?

Bazemore: Oh man, I’m getting a big fat steak with loaded baked potato and asparagus.

Muscala: Anything that Gio (of Antico and Gio’s) makes for us.

Brand: Anything with bacon!

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