4 plates of nachos to dive into this weekend

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Whether it’s football season, Final Four weekend or the height of Braves season, if I’m at a sports bar I’m ordering a giant plate of nachos. Well, if I’m completely honest, it doesn’t matter where I am. You have nachos, you have my business. And what’s not to love about them? You have piles of gloriously crispy chips, spicy jalapenos and melty cheese. Put those together and it’s Nirvana right there on the appetizer menu.

So where do I go when I need to dive face first into a pile of nachos? Here are four spots that you can always find me and the entire Atlanta Eats team. Since we are always on the lookout for a new pile of nachos, let us know your favorites below!


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These are the new kids on the block when it comes to nacho giants. Ford Fry’s latest spot occupies prime real estate in Krog Street Market. From solid cocktails to some drool-worthy tinga tacos, the entire menu is great. But the nachos? Oh, these are hall of famers. Instead of piled high, each nacho is an individual puffy chip that lends it an airy quality. On top of that, there’s a thin layer of beans with a not-so-thin layer of melted cheese. The platter has six of these happy little nachos . Order two if you think sharing will be a problem. Hint: it will be.


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Red Pepper Taqueria 

The nachos at Red Pepper Taqueria are everything I want in nachos. Piled high and topped with all the usual suspects, there is rarely a time when I can even snap a photo because I eat them so quickly. It’s a nacho trance. Red Pepper starts with thick and sturdy chips and layers on their creamy white queso and refried black beans. Then you get the choice of chicken or steak (never an easy decision) and finally crisp iceberg lettuce, bright guacamole, fresh pico and tangy sour cream.


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Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted Turner brought some really great things to our fair city. The Braves, CNN…and a whole ton of bison! When Ted’s Montana Grill began, he brought bison to the masses. My favorite vehicle for maximum bison enjoyment has to be their nachos. This is their #1 best selling item on the menu. One bite and you’ll see why. Fresh nacho chips are layered with pepper jack cheese that has a great bite and then the ground bison and a whole mess of fresh veggies. It was a late comer to their menu, and they were so worth the wait.

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One of the biggest pet peeves of nacho lovers is that naked chip bite. Nachos are nothing if you don’t have the toppings! Never once have I had that problem at Stats. The toppings are a more than generous mix of pork, sour cream, jalapeños, black beans, queso and pico de gallo. And then a whole bath of fresh, gooey queso. This giant plate of happiness pairs perfectly with the beer taps at your table and the dozens of big screens surrounding you with any game you might want to watch.

And remember, if you want to follow along with the team as we eat our way through Atlanta, from Mexican to sports bars, nachos to gnocchi, you can watch Atlanta Eats every weekend. We’re on Peachtree TV every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30AM. Come hungry!

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