Tacos, massages and more: 3 date ideas on Buford Highway

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If you’re up for adventure, we’ve got the date for you. Food lovers have long touted Buford Highway as the place to eat off the beaten path. The road is dotted with miles of signs and menus mysterious to English-only speakers. While it’s not exactly what comes to most minds for a romantic night, don’t discount Buford Highway for a great date night. With fantastic food and fun, there’s plenty to do on our favorite stretch of culinary bliss. Here are a few of our suggestions.

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Dim Sum and Foot Massage


Courtesy of treatyourfeetatl.com


You don’t have to wait until the sun sets to start a date. Why not start the day with some relaxation and dumplings? Imagine overflowing carts of delicious dishes winding through the restaurant just for you. That is dim sum at Royal China. You’ll pile your plates with dumplings, BBQ pork buns and sticky rice. Just when you think you’ll burst, the custard cart will arrive. Don’t miss out. The best part is it’s incredibly affordable; I’ve never left paying more than $15.

Now, you’re going to want to go home and fall into a glorious food coma. Resist this urge. Resist, because you have an appointment for massages! Treat Your Feet is my go-to spot for this post-dim sum lethargy. You’ll be ushered into a dark room. Pro-tip: ask for one of the back rooms; it’s as tranquil experience as you can get. You’ll get a cup of delicious hot tea. The tea is blended by the owner, and they will not give up their secrets no matter how sweetly you ask. Then, lay back and enjoy an hour long foot/leg massage that may drive you to snore. And for only $30 per hour, this date will be a regular part of your rotation.

Tour de Taco


The only problem with tacos is that there are not enough hours in the day to get enough tacos. So, why not spend an entire day sampling the awesome selection of tacos that Buford Highway has to offer? A progressive taco dinner, if you will. To get this most awesome journey started, pull into the parking lot of El Senor Taco. The owner is from Baja, and makes fish tacos that will transport you to the Pacific. Flaky, white fish with just the right amount of batter is tucked into a corn tortilla. Hit up the condiment buffet for some super fresh salsas and garnishments. You’ll be tempted to stay there, but don’t! Grab your date and head to El Rey Del Taco. This traditional taqueria is open (nearly) 24 hours a day, so you can get your fix any time. Order the hand made tortillas (trust us), and select your filling.  The lengua and al pastor are favorites. Order a few margaritas and a shrimp cocktail. The final stop is just across the street at Chicago Supermarket. Yes, it’s a grocery store. Walk to the back for a heavenly surprise. Head to the counter, grab a Mexican Coca-Cola and order a mix of tacos and tamales. Tamales totally count as dessert, right?

Dinner And A Show


Courtesy of atlantasushibar.com


Dinner and a show is pretty standard date, but on this date you’re the show. First up, though, is dinner with some theater. You and your date will pull up to an unassuming shopping strip (a frequently muttered phrase on BuHi) to visit Sushi House Hayakawa. You might think this a typical strip mall sushi spot, but it’s not.  If they could go ahead and set up a direct deposit of my paycheck, it would be so much easier. If you really want to impress your date, or horrify them with how much sushi you can devour, order the Omakase. This is basically chef’s choice. You tell Sushi Chef Hayakawa how much you want to spend and whether you want to avoid anything. Then, the sushi show begins. Sip on some sake, whisper sweet nothings into your darling’s ear and dive in.

When you’ve finished the best sushi dinner ever, walk over to Karaoke Melody. This is where the real show begins. For $8 per person, your group gets its own private room. You know, to minimize the embarrassment of wailing out your rendition of Baby, One More Time. Luckily there’s a full bar, so you’ll sound pretty great soon enough.

What’s your ideal BuHi date night?

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